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Description of ANL Fuse Holder


An ANL fuse holder is a device used to securely hold and protect ANL (Ampere-Not-Linked) fuses. ANL fuses are high-amperage fuses commonly used in automotive and marine applications to protect electrical circuits from overcurrent situations.

The ANL fuse holder consists of the following components:

1. Fuse housing: The fuse holder has a housing that encloses the ANL fuse. This housing is typically made of a durable and heat-resistant material, such as plastic or metal, to provide protection and insulation.

2. Fuse terminals: The ANL fuse holder has two terminals or connectors where the ANL fuse is installed. These terminals are designed to securely hold the fuse in place and establish electrical connections.

3. Mounting options: ANL fuse holders often come with mounting options, such as screw holes or brackets, to facilitate installation in various locations.

4. Protective cover: Some ANL fuse holders may include a protective cover that fits over the fuse and terminals, providing additional insulation and shielding from dust, moisture, and accidental contact.

ANL fuse holders are typically used in high-current applications, such as car audio systems, large power amplifiers, electric vehicles, and marine electrical systems. They are designed to handle higher amperage levels than standard blade-type fuses, making them suitable for heavy-duty electrical circuits.

When installing an ANL fuse holder, it's important to choose an appropriate size and rating that matches the amperage requirements of the circuit being protected. ANL fuses are available in various amperage ratings, and the fuse holder should be compatible with the selected fuse size.

ANL fuse holders provide a secure and reliable means of protecting electrical circuits from overcurrent conditions. They allow for easy fuse replacement when necessary and help ensure the safety and proper functioning of electrical systems.


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