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Introduction to QSR Kiosks


Nowadays, QSR kiosks can be seen in major shopping centers and large restaurants. It is growing as fast as the popularity of self-service cash registers. The excellent function of the QSR Kiosk is also one of the accelerators for its rapid popularity. 

The QSR Kiosk has many functions:

1. The first function is to order food. Users can customize their own taste and choose the delivery mode. 

2. The second is that you can settle and pay the bill directly without separate settlement. Payment methods include Alipay, WeChat, face payment, and credit card payments.

3. The third is that when no one is using it, it can push advertisements and some new products by itself.

4.The fourth feature is that it can count members' points while also notifying them of promotional activities such as coupons in the background. In addition, there will be voice prompts based on system feedback such as no network, no receipt paper, etc.

To sum up, we can see that the function of the self-service ordering machine is very complete and can meet the normal ordering, checkout, and other basic functions.


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