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Common types of furniture hinges


A furniture hinge is a hardware component used to connect two parts of furniture, allowing them to pivot or rotate relative to each other. Hinges are crucial for the functionality and movement of doors, lids, cabinets, and other furniture pieces. They provide support, stability, and smooth operation while maintaining the desired alignment and opening/closing mechanism.

Here are some common types of furniture hinges:

1. Butt Hinge: This is the most common type of hinge used in furniture. It consists of two metal plates connected by a pin or rod. One plate is attached to the furniture frame, while the other plate is attached to the door or lid. Butt hinges can be plain or decorative, and they come in various sizes and finishes.

2. Euro Hinge: Also known as concealed hinges or cup hinges, Euro hinges are commonly used in modern cabinet doors. They are hidden when the door is closed, providing a clean and sleek appearance. Euro hinges offer adjustable features, allowing for precise alignment and easy installation.

3. Pivot Hinge: Pivot hinges are designed to rotate on a single point, typically at the top and bottom of a door or cabinet. They allow the door to swing open in both directions, making them suitable for larger doors or cabinets. Pivot hinges can be surface-mounted or recessed, depending on the desired aesthetic.

4. Continuous Hinge: Also referred to as piano hinges, continuous hinges are long, narrow hinges that extend along the entire length of a door or lid. They provide continuous support and distribute the weight evenly. Continuous hinges are commonly used in furniture pieces that require strength and stability, such as large cabinet doors or piano lids.

5. Overlay Hinge: Overlay hinges are used for doors that cover the entire front face of a cabinet or furniture piece. They are typically adjustable to ensure proper alignment and allow for easy door removal if needed. Overlay hinges come in different configurations, including full overlay, half overlay, and inset, depending on how much the door overlaps the cabinet frame.

6. Soss Hinge: Soss hinges are concealed hinges that are recessed into the door and frame, making them invisible when the door is closed. They provide a seamless and minimalist look. Soss hinges are commonly used in high-end cabinetry or furniture where aesthetics are paramount.

When selecting furniture hinges, consider factors such as the weight and size of the door or lid, the desired opening angle, the material and construction of the furniture, and the overall design aesthetic. It's important to choose hinges that are durable, properly sized, and compatible with the furniture piece to ensure smooth operation and long-lasting functionality.


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