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Disadvantages of memory pillows for young children


Pillows have a certain degree of elasticity. For children in the growth and development period, long-term use of memory pillows will affect the development of the spine and bones. For children in infancy, it will cause symptoms such as head tilt, which will affect the development of the head. In addition, there will be other hazards, such as muscle soreness, which need to be analyzed accordingly.

1. For the development of the spine and bones: For children, the bones are not yet mature, the skull is rickety, the spine is still developing, and the strength of the neck muscles is relatively weak. Because the memory pillow has a certain degree of elasticity, sleeping on the pillow for a long time will affect the development of the spine and the development of the bones;

2. Affect the development of the head: children's skulls are still developing, especially those within 3 months; if they use pillows, they are prone to head tilts, etc. In addition, pillows that are too high or too low will affect children's heads, and can easily lead to cervical spondylosis, compressing blood vessels and causing cerebral ischemia, which is not conducive to head development;

3. Other hazards: Memory pillows are also relatively soft. If children use memory pillows for a long time, it is easy to cause muscle soreness, which in turn affects sleep and even causes sleep disorders. Pillows are mainly composed of chemical components. For young children, memory pillows should be avoided as much as possible to prevent chemical substances from affecting growth and development.


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