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Nail lamp


Nail lamp, also known as a nail phototherapy lamp. It is specially used for drying phototherapy glue in the nail art process and is mostly used in nail salons. Some manicures will rub a layer of nail phototherapy gel on the nails, similar to nail polish, but it is less easy to fall off than nail polish, generally lasts for more than a month, and the price is more expensive than nail polish. It is generally only used in professional nail salons. There are two kinds of nail lamps: one is an ultraviolet lamp, and the other is an LED lamp. The main peak wavelength of ultraviolet light is 370nm, which has a good drying, sterilization, and disinfection effect. Generally, there are four lamp tubes in a nail lamp, one of which is 9W. The lamp tube needs to be replaced regularly every 6 months, and it needs to be used according to the gel-making manual or the relevant instructions of the UV lamp.


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