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The infrared touch screen


The principle of the infrared touch screen is very simple: just add the light spot distance frame on the display; there is no need to add coating to the screen surface or connect the controller; the infrared emitting tubes and receiving tubes are arranged on the four sides of the light spot distance frame. An infrared network is formed on the surface. When a user touches a certain point on the screen with his finger, the two infrared rays passing through the position will be blocked, and the computer can calculate the position of the touch point in real time. Infrared touch screens are not affected by current, voltage, or static electricity and are suitable for some harsh environmental conditions. Its main advantages are its low price, easy installation, and the fact that there is no need for cards or any other controllers. It can also be used on computers of all grades. However, since the frame is only added to the ordinary screen, the infrared emitting tubes and receiving tubes around the frame are easily damaged during use, and the resolution is low.


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