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History of touch screens


In 1971, Sam Hurst, who was a lecturer at a university in the United States, made the earliest touch screen in his small workshop. At that time, Sam had to deal with a large amount of graphic data every day due to his work, so he wanted to invent a device that could improve work efficiency. Save it. So there was the earliest touch screen "AccuTouch". In 1973, the American "Industrial Research" magazine rated touch screen technology as one of the "100 most important new technology products", and predicted that this technology will be widely used. Among the 100 promising technical products, there are also mouse and hard disk, which were not eye-catching at the time but are also widely used today. After that, Sam established his own company and cooperated with Siemens to develop a series of touch screens for military electronic products, such as radar and military surveillance equipment. It wasn't until 1982 that Sam's company exhibited 33 TVs equipped with touch screens at the Consumer Electronics Show in the United States. It was the first time that ordinary people "touched" the magical touch screen with their own hands, causing a huge sensation.


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